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About us

Our approach


We are a Canadian-based private equity firm that makes
equity investments in middle market private and public
companies throughout North America.


At Banyan, we approach each investment as a partnership
rather than an outright acquisition of your business.

Unlike other traditional private equity firms, we have the ability to hold our investments indefinitely and are not constrained by the investment parameters of typical closed-end funds. As a result, we are flexible, patient and
work efficiently.

We believe the key to every successful investment begins with strong relationships, mutual alignment and culturally compatibility between ourselves and the founder, business owner, management team and partners we invest alongside.

Why we are called Banyan

The Banyan tree symbolizes strength and longevity. Its growth is legendary and over its
lifetime can grow from a single trunk into an entire forest.


Like its namesake, Banyan Capital Partners® has become a symbol of business
strength, longevity and growth in North America.

Banyan Capital Partners
December 1st, 2021